Tuesday, 17 May 2011

equipment / personnel

This list has been updated @11am 19th may

for every 3d team:
drill (supplied)
driver (supplied)
rip saw (supplied)
jigsaw (supplied)
mini grinder
hand saw (wood)
hack saw / tension saw

for every three 3D workers/volunteers:
1 pair of each: snips / bull nose pliers / snipe nose pliers
1 roll of medium guage wire
1 roll of thick guage wire
staple gun and staples
basic primary satin emulsion paint and black and white (gloss for plastic / metal covering)
ground spray yellow/pink/white/green/red/orange/blue
1 wide roller and tray
1 narrow sponge roller and tray
brush sets
paper face masks

for every 3D worker/volunteer the following items:
1 stanley knife and blade pack
1 pair of heavy duty scissors
1/2/3 rolls of gaffer (depending on 1/2/3 day projects)
small / medium / large cable ties 1 pack each per day (dep'ing on req of size / scale of project)
heavy duty / riggers gloves

for every artworker team of 3:
cleaning buckets
2 large roller and trays
2 small sponge rollers and trays

for every artworker:
1 set of brushes 1/4 inch to 4 inch
1 roll of blue roll / pack of j cloths
5 paint tubs

and for fabric/sheet workers workers:
1 pair of scissors
white and/or clear cable ties small/med/large
clear gaffer/tarp tape

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